Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Filtering and Blocking the Internet in Schools

We were treated to a presentation in class yesterday about blocking and filtering sites by schools and school boards and how it impacts students.  This is a frequent discussion that we have undertaken in this faculty and it is definitely one that needs to be highlighted.  I agree with the presentation in that we need to prepare students for the content they will encounter on the internet outside of schools.  By insulating students behind filters in school we are not creating a situation that mimics the challenges they will be presented with outside the shcool.  What needs to be done in my estimation, and what has been repeated consistently over the discourse in our class, is that we need to educate students on how to use the internet wisely and appropriately.  We need to help them realize the great assets of the internet while giving them insights on how to surf the internet through a critical gaze so that they are not just absorbing everything without challenge.  Great presentation!


  1. I guess we could compare this to a student learning to drive. We don't just throw them the keys and tell them to take it for a rip. Most kids watch their parents drive for years, take a driver's instruction course, receive their learners licence and then gradually progress to driving on their own.

    Have to agree this was a great presentation.

  2. I have to think that this move is coming and coming soon. In this degree we keep hearing that the goal of schools is to make students productive members in society, this can only be done if we take the training wheels (to piggy back on Blair's metaphor) off the Internet for our students. Blocking may protect students and teachers from some awkward moments, but it is such a short sighted view of things. The Internet needs to be incorporated into our classroom, and it can't really be if purposely limit it.