Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Summative Project

Here is my summative project incorporating the major functions of the internet that further education and teaching.  There were many things to learn, but that is always the case.  There are many great assets that have been uncovered during this class that will prove very valuable.  I hope this assists in sharing with others as the information did for me.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Alec Couros

Once again we were party to an informative and entertaining video conference by one of the Couros brothers.  This particular talk had similar content but gave different insight into the extent and uses of social media and the ever increasing benefits it offers both teachers and students.  Alec ran us through many different sites that were of interest and also about the community and how quickly things actually transpire online.  We were given a few interesting examples that arrived through flickr over the westcast weekend.  During a seminar a call was put out for photographs of different weather and pictures from all over and they were automatically uploaded to flickr.  It was an incredible display how within no time people from all over had not only seen the call, but partcipated in answering.

I was impressed by how closely related both George and Alec's ideas on ICT connected.  They both felt that with proper safeguards there should be no fear in teachers having their students participate in online social networks.  I understand that there is still that fear amongst others in education in exposing students to the internet, but the faster we keep moving the more impractical these fears become.  Just as schools are responsible for teaching math and science, they should also be responsible for teaching students good citizenship both online and offline.  This is the case especially now because we are in that period where some schools are taking this initiative, while others are still holding back.  The quicker we accept that schools have n important role to play in this modelling, the better for everyone.

This was good chat and it once again expressed the immensity of uses of how we as teachers can use the internet.  I look forward to expanding my "friends" as I get deeper into teaching and creating my network.

Plagiarism and the Internet - A Beautiful Marriage?

Here is another article that may be of interest.  A German minister has just been found to have taken large parts of his Doctoral thesis directly from sources without citing them.  This brings to the forefront the debate about the internet and plagiarism once again.  This article is a decent read if you have the time.  There are some interesting programs out there for plagiarism checks that universities are now using that I was previously unfamiliar with.  Good thing we are almost done, and BU hasn't gotten wise just yet......I kid I kid.

Plagiarism: The Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V boom