Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Plagiarism and the Internet - A Beautiful Marriage?

Here is another article that may be of interest.  A German minister has just been found to have taken large parts of his Doctoral thesis directly from sources without citing them.  This brings to the forefront the debate about the internet and plagiarism once again.  This article is a decent read if you have the time.  There are some interesting programs out there for plagiarism checks that universities are now using that I was previously unfamiliar with.  Good thing we are almost done, and BU hasn't gotten wise just yet......I kid I kid.

Plagiarism: The Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V boom

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  1. That's a great article! I think this is something we really have to be on guard for as teachers. I know as an ELA teacher it is too easy for kids to find papers online. I had a few kids in my last placement that bragged to me about never writing anything and just finding assignments online (I guess I wasn't seen as much of an authority figure). This experience really got my mind working for ways to sniff out plagiarism in my classes, hopefully the programs that is mentioned in the article will trickle down to high schools too.