Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Dean Shareski - Teaching and Sharing

The topic presented in this video is very poignant considering that it is closely related with the topic we discussed earlier in class, possibly these topics are siblings?  This being the importance of sharing for us as educators.  The thing that struck me the most was the story that was shared about a video lesson that a teacher put together one weekend and posted online.  I really respected and enjoyed the fact that as much as this individual may have been able to profit financially from their work, instead they posted it for free and everyone who downloaded it was able to take away something worthwhile.  This kind of atmosphere, the kind that cultivates the promotion of shared objectives is what we should all be aiming towards.  Having this kind of network already established is fantastic and hopefully it continually perpetuates.  We can all learn from other people's experiences and revamping lessons and assignments based on these experiences may help us avoid similar pitfalls and hopefully achieve similar successes.

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