Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Web-based Courses

Here was another offering that is changing and challenging the way that we learn.  Group conferencing and web-based learning opens up education and avenues that might not be offered in your school division.  The implications are quite unique and definitely offer the opportunity for students to cater to their own interests even if they are in the hinterland of Manitoba and far from a school that could offer these courses.  The ability of the students to learn and gain insight from people all over the province, the country and possibly the world is an exchange that would be of great asset.  It provides the chance for learning and cultural exchange and perspective to all, even those who are found in a situation where it would have been financially unviable previously.

Opportunities of this nature were in their clunky primitive stages even just over a decade ago, and the leaps that have been made in that short span of time have afforded students today a vast wealth of opportunity to trek much farther into the global community.

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  1. My goodness - I am enjoying your posts - too bad I missed you last year!